Like attracts like – the true key of manifestation and magnetism

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkison:

“And then the effect upon the woman herself. You know the effect of holding certain lines of thoughts; of auto-suggestion; of the attractive power of thought, and you can readily see how this woman makes things worse for herself all the time. She goes around with her mind fixed upon the idea that everybody’s hand is against her, and she carries about with her an aura that attracts to her all the unpleasant things in the neighborhood.

She goes around looking for trouble, and, of course, she gets it. Did you ever notice a man or a woman looking for trouble, and how soon they found it?

The man looking for fight is generally accommodated. The woman looking for “slights” always gets them, whether the giver intends them or not.

This sort of mental attitude fairly draws out the worst in those with whom we come in contact. And the predominant thought draws to itself all the corresponding thought within its radius. One who
dwells upon the fancied fact that everybody is going around trying to injure him, treat him unkindly, sneer at him, “slight” him, and generally use him up, is pretty sure to find that he has attracted to him enough people who will humor his fancy, and give him what he expects.

Then we have the story of the two dogs. The one dog, dignified and self-respecting, whom no boy ever thinks of bothering. The other dog, who expects to be kicked by every passing boy, and who draws himself up, and places his tail between his legs, and actually suggests the kick to the passing boy. Of course he gets kicked.

It’s wrong for the boy to do it, I know, but the dog’s attitude is too much for the nature of the average boy. And “grown-ups” are built upon the same plan. These people who are going around in the mental attitude which invites unkind treatment, generally manage to find someone who will have his natural meanness drawn out to such a convenient lightning rod.

And, in fact, such people often generate harsh feelings in persons who scarcely ever manifest them. Like attracts like in the world of thought, and one draws upon him the things he fears, in many cases.”

This is one of the greatest realities in the world. Like attracts like. You attract what you are.

If you have certain type of events or certain qualities of people that simply keep popping up in your life, you know you are attracting them. It’s not “bad luck”. You may have some “bad luck” once or twice. But if it keeps happening, then you know it’s you attracting it to your reality.

Reflect upon this simple, yet very powerful principle.

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