Like attracts like

Here’s an interesting quote from Henry Durville:

“In the physical world, harmony results from the law of opposites. The effects of the magnets and electricity are the most apparent type of application of this law: poles or fluids of the same name repel each other; poles or fluids with opposite names attract each other. It is the same for human magnetism, which is only a property, a movement of matter.

Psychic laws are inverse, it is the likes that attract and the opposites that repel. They can be formulated like this:

Thoughts and actions of the same kind attract and increase the respect, sympathy, trust and love that individuals are likely to have for each other; thoughts and actions of an opposite nature repel each other and give rise to antipathy, mistrust and hatred.

Our thoughts can be considered as material bodies; and, as such, apart from these physical-psychic laws, they are, again, subject to chemical laws equivalent to those which govern the composition and decomposition of bodies which fall under our senses. Thus, they are communicated and exchanged, going continuously from one individual to another, without us being aware of it. And when they are of the same nature without being identically similar, they have a kind of affinity for one another which allows them to combine and form new thoughts, ideas and dispositions.

This is what explains our change of opinion after having listened passively to a speaker or a supportive friend dealing with any subject that is not entirely familiar to us. This also explains the alteration of our needs, our desires, our inclinations, when we are constantly in contact with an individual or a group of individuals who think and act in a different way from ours. This long-accepted truth gave birth to the law that bad relationships corrupt good people.

The thoughts that we emit with consistency attach to us, attract others of the same nature and form around us a kind of atmosphere, aura (Latin word which means breath, subtle vapor), more or less dense, more or less widespread, which constitutes something of our personality.

From this atmosphere, extensions radiates around, that can be compared to electric currents, or better still to the lines of force that we observe around the magnets. Thus, if we emit thoughts of kindness and sympathy, we attract analogous thoughts from the outside, and at the same time gain the trust and sympathy of those who are good and kind; while if we only think about maltreatment, hatred, revenge, jealousy, we attract thoughts of this nature which come to maintain and even extend our aura; and, while distancing from all those who can be useful to, instead we attract maniacs, obsessed, jealous, wicked, angry, which amply justifies the proverb: like attracts like.”

That’s probably the most important “magnetic law” you need to understand. What you have inside will reflect on the outside.

This also comes into alignment what I wrote last week about belief. Don’t neglect it!

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