Little steps transform you… for better or for worse

Little steps, small actions and behaviors transform you… for better or for worse.

We may think that we need a grand gesture or a grand event for our personality to be transformed.

But that would be wrong. Or, at least, not fully right.

It’s true that a big event can cause a transformation, but most of the transformations are caused by small behaviors and small actions.

After a while of these “small potatoes”, you’re no longer the same person.

A parallel is easily found in dieting for example. Getting into the habit of eating a candy bar after work, can easily give room to other unhealthy food habits after that.

On an opposite hand, the simple habit of starting the day with a healthy breakfast instead of some sugary food, can make the rest of day be filled with healthy foods.

Your personal behaviors work the same way.

For example, habitually refusing friends invitation to social events, can lead you to further isolation. None of these invitations refusals by itself is a big change, but on the long term you may find yourself fully isolated and considering yourself deeply introverted.

This happened by many small (and apparently not important) decisions to not socialize.

Or, if you use to give in to procrastination… just a small behavior here and there, such as checking facebook when you should be working, or browsing the internet instead of finishing that chapter of your book.

On the long run, you’ll end up with many unfinished projects and a fully unfocused mind where any effort to focus seems like an herculean task. So your identity will also change to one of a procrastinator or a person of weak Will.

Of course, this is as bad as it is good.

You can easily use the same principle to change your life for the best, by changing small behaviors on a positive way for a big transformation in your life.

Small behaviors don’t take a big deal of effort, yet, they can be completely transformational for yourself and your own identity.

Instead of saying no to your social events, you can choose to say yes. Instead of browsing the internet, you can choose to do it only after you finish your current task. And many simple behaviors we already discussed on this newsletter.

It obviously depends on what are your behaviors and what are your goals.

But one thing is certain, if you’re not aware and conscious on how you are behaving and thinking, then you may end up somewhere you don’t really like or want.

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