Live accordingly to your Will

In the previous email, we talked about how no one can force you to do something, and you are responsible for your actions. Now I want to ensure you understand that this is a profound concept with many implications for your life.

This means you and you alone are responsible for your actions and behaviors. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you won’t make mistakes or that all your decisions will be good. But whether they are bad or good, at least they will be YOUR decisions.

You will be at fault – and responsible for fixing your messes – but when you succeed, you can be glad for your efforts.

Either way, living with this type of responsibility is inevitably a way of building inner power and connecting to your Will.

By blaming others or putting the responsibility for your actions on others or external situations, you are avoiding the connection with your own Will. Hence, developing a true inner power that leads to charisma will be difficult.

Genuine charisma is simply this: living accordingly to the full potential of your Will while projecting it to the world.

And this all starts with simple actions like reflecting on your behaviors, noticing why you did them, and what compelled you to do them.

You must start looking inwardly if you are constantly influenced by external situations or people. Notice how other people can’t force you to do something. Whatever you do, you are doing it of your own free will.

You still need to reflect on your own impulses to do something – it’s not like they will always be right – but at least you won’t have direct external influences on your behaviors.

So you start there, and you continue removing layers upon layers of past conditionings – both external and internal – until you reach a point where you can finally say you are connected to your true Will.

That’s our ultimate goal. Not an easy one since we are filled with blocks, conditionings, and influences that we need to “undo,” but it’s a worthwhile goal.

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