Living inside a bubble

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Regarding your email the past week, I’m not affected by the crowd’s energy as you mentioned. I’m just there on my own without getting involved. Why is that?”

This is actually bad news for you. Especially if your goal is developing magnetism.

This situation simply means you are blocking the exchange of energy with the environment.

So, external energy won’t permeate you, but your own energy also won’t permeate the environment.

You can think that it’s only you being oblivious to the outside world, but it’s a two way street.

Not being open to the external, also means that it’s much harder to project your own energy. So you tend to be on your own.

It’s like you are living inside of a bubble. Nothing in, nothing out.

As you might expect, it won’t be easy to influence anyone else – in any way – if you are living inside this bubble.

Openness to your external environment is a part of it.

Usually this situation also means that you’re constantly on an internal mental state. Very much inside your own thoughts and your own world.

While it’s not necessarily bad, it can be a limitation with the energy projection.

If you don’t have the ability to be external, even if temporarily, your energy will not come out in a powerful way, reducing your impact on the external world.

The good news is that this is all trained and developed. Skills that can be improved upon in your path to personal magnetism.

We all have our mental, body or energetic limitations that are preventing our magnetism to be projected. If that was not the case, then we would all already be magnetic.

So it’s not a matter of concern. Just something for you to focus during your training.

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