Losing Your Motivation

An interesting phenomenon that happens in all trainings is that at some moment all the exercises will lose its initial appeal.

What was once a very interesting and enlivening exercise, it’s now a chore to do. You start to drag yourself to do it.

This happens in all trainings, regardless of who created them or what type of training they are.

That’s perfectly normal and a phenomenon that happens to all of us.

I’ve noticed it myself many years ago during my initial energetic exercises. In the beginning, I felt all mighty and powerful when I did them, only to apparently “lose” this feeling after a couple of months.

There are two events at work here:

1) The first is one of habituation. Whatever mind, body, energy exercise you start doing, in the first few days, it can seem like it’s a gift from God. If it’s a bodily training you are sore, you feel alive due to the new muscle action. If it’s an energetic training you feel tingling and aliveness, energy flowing smoothly, etc.

After a month, your body, mind or energy has become habituated to these changes. It no longer needs to register them as strongly in your mind as in the first few days. It’s now conditioned to it.

It doesn’t mean they are no longer working, it just means they don’t register as strongly.

Just like in fitness. Just because you are no longer sore the next day, it doesn’t mean your training is not working.

With tension energy this is simple to identify. If you stop doing the exercises for a couple of weeks and then do them again, you’ll notice the same feelings as in the beginning.

Just like any physical training regime. If you stop going to the gym for a month, when you get back, even if it’s for your normal training routine, you’ll feel the same soreness and aliveness as if it was the beginning.

That’s why it seems any new exercise is much better than your old one.

This first event usually leads to the second:

2) the lack of motivation. Since you’re no longer feeling the same type of excitation feelings you feel in the beginning, your motivation starts to die down.

It just feels like a chore to do any exercise because you don’t feel that immediate rush.

So eventually you quit and move on to the next set of exercises where you start the cycle once again.

This is where your inner power and mind control come in.

It’s not about forcing you to do the training, it’s about changing your thoughts and internal state so that the resistance to doing them is dissolved.

It’s not about doing them while suffering through them. No, it’s about changing the suffering mindset.

This is true mind control and inner power.

To understand and develop your inner power start with the training:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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