Are you lying to yourself?

We all lie to ourselves.

Whether if it’s to say “I’ll do it later today”, when you have no intention of doing it.

Or when you set up a goal or habit you have no intention to follow up on.

Or it can also be in our relationships, with something like: “he/she will change”, when you know perfectly well she/he won’t.

Among many other examples.

The interesting thing is that in a very superficial level of your mind, you actually believe in what you are saying.

Yet, at a deeper level, you know perfectly well when you are lying to yourself.

You don’t even need that much of an awareness to understand this. As you are saying those sentences, you just feel as if something is wrong. A slight intuition or negative feeling.

It’s similar to the popular “affirmations” technique where you repeat sentences like: “I’m confident”, or “each day in every way I’m getting better and better” or “I’m a sales machine”.

Yet, on the inside, on the deeper levels of your mind, you know those affirmations to be empty and with no meaning.

When you have true inner power, those moments of saying “lies” or “empty sentences” are greatly reduced. Everything you say resonates from deep within. It has meaning and power.

(Yes, even the popular affirmation technique can be changed to work on a deeper level)

First of all, you gain awareness over what you say to yourself, to others and what you decide to do (or not to do). You realize when something comes from within, or when it’s only superficial.

Then you gain control over it. You don’t need to do things because it looks good, because you feel pressured to do them. No! You can do or say what you truly mean and want.

When everything you do and say come straight from your Will, there are changes in your daily life, in your relationships and with yourself.

– Everyone starts taking you seriously. They know you mean what you say. When you say you don’t want something, they don’t push it.

– You generate an aura of a leader.

– You follow through on all your commitments: to yourself and to others

– Your words have power.

– It’s much easier to achieve your goals and create new (and better) habits.

Among many other advantages!

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