How To Develop a Magnetic Gaze That Attracts Anyone Anytime – Week 1

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What will you get from having a magnetic gaze?

  • Have a gaze that attracts people to you
  • Others won’t be able to look away from your eyes
  • Everyone will becoming magnetically attracted to your eyes
  • Imagine that while you’re talking with someone from the opposite sex they just can’t look away from your eyes
  • You have something that fascinates other people
  • If no one complemented your eyes…they will just after you learn the magnetic gaze
  • Others will be more attentive to you when you speak

The eyes are one of the main tools that we all use to communicate, this course has a goal of making you aware of this tool of communication that is often very subtle and unknown, yet, very influential over others.

I chose this course to be the first to upload here because it’s one that will get us some powerful results while giving a splendid introduction to the benefits of being a charismatic person without actually developing all the other pillars. By developing the magnetic gaze we are developing Pillar 3 of Charisma – Projection – and it’s a way to communicate to the outside world the inner charisma that we already have. As we continue our practice in developing the other pillars, we’ll realize that our gaze will become more magnetic since we’ll have more energy inside.

Exercises for this first week are:

Eye Relaxation Exercises – Two simple methods we can use to relax our eyes after the round of exercises, that gives us a better eye health overall. Read the William Bates and the Thomas Quackenbush books below if you want more specific exercises for eye health. Although the magnetic gaze practices can be good to improve your eyesight, it’s not the main purpose of this course.

Exercise 1 “Dot on the Wall” – This is a basic exercise to get that fixed, steady and penetrating gaze that is a powerful trait of a charismatic person.

Exercise 2 “Separating Masses Into Details I” – It’s a powerful exercise that will allow us to activate a different part of the brain while linking it to our eyes. We’ll be able to develop quick observation skills and rapid thinking.

Here’s the video of Week 1:

If you have any questions/insights/comments feel free to leave a comment below.


Recommended Reading

“High Magick” by Frater U.D.

The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses” by William Bates

“Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight — Naturally!” by Thomas Quackenbush

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