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In Week 3 we’ll discuss why the practice of the magnetic gaze can make us increase our mind powers and how the magnetic gaze is also a reflection of our inner self. Although I will dwelve very deeply into increasing our mind powers in future courses, if you really cannot wait to know more, there’s a very interesting book I highly advise you to read on Mind Power which is John Kehoe’s “Mind Power into the 21st Century”.

Exercises for this third week are:

Exercise 5 “Zig-Zag” – This is another of the basic and foundation exercises on achieving the steady, fixed gaze.

Exercise 6 “The Turn Around” – This is a step further after “The Applied Third Eye”.  It’s a start of learning how to influence with the magnetic gaze. You’ll be amazed by the results you’ll achieve in this.

Exercise 7 “Separating Masses Into Details II” – This is the sequel to the exercise you learned on Week 1. It develops your quick observation powers even further.


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Recommended Reading

“High Magick” by Frater U.D.

The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses” by William Bates

“Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight — Naturally!” by Thomas Quackenbush

“The Act of Will” by Roberto Assagioli

“The Etheric Double” by A.E. Powell

“Psychic Discoveries: The Iron Curtain Lifted” by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder

“The Chakras” by C.W. Leadbeater

“Theories of the Chakras” by Hiroshi Motoyama

“Mind Power Into the 21st Century” by John Kehoe