Magnetic Gaze and Concentration

Here’s a question from a Magnetic Gaze student:

“Quick question, Isn’t the gaze simply mental concentration backed up with the trained eyeballs? If you do nothing more than that won’t you still have the gaze?”

Far from it.

Concentration and “trained eyeballs” are certainly an important part of it.

You can’t have a Magnetic Gaze without them.

But that’s not enough.

If you only develop your concentration and eye muscles, you can gain a certain power in your gaze but without much influence.

To get the full package, you also need the Energy and Will.

This gives you the influence. Without training the energy and Will it’s like you have an impressive looking weapon that only shoots blanks.

The Magnetic Gaze is fairly complex, definitely not something which can be reduced down to “train concentration and move your eyeballs”.

If it were, a lot more people would have it.

Get started on the Magnetic Gaze path with the Foundations training to get a full understanding of this amazing set of techniques:

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