Magnetic Gaze and Hypnosis

Here’s a common question from a reader:

“How is (the Magnetic Gaze) that different from non-verbal hypnosis?”

The Magnetic Gaze – in our tradition and how we teach it – is not related to hypnosis.

Verbal or non-verbal.

Of course, if you cast a wide net of what hypnosis is, then everything is hypnosis (even watching a movie or interacting with someone), but we don’t focus on putting anyone in a trance state with or without induction.

The influence you achieve in the Magnetic Gaze doesn’t require a particular state of the person in front of you, nor are you somehow putting the person in some type of special state.

It’s not like you need to tell him or her: “Now look at my eyes” and do some sort of technique as a parlor trick.

With the Magnetic Gaze you influence using your eyes, energy and mind during a normal everyday life conversation.

You also increase your own magnetism and attractiveness of your eyes.

The person in front of you won’t be hypnotized and not remember anything. They will have an impulse to follow through on something you decide.

Or an impulse to be attracted to you. But they won’t know why. It’s just something that apparently happens.

That’s the beauty of it and why I love it so much – both the Magnetic Gaze and personal magnetism. It all seems so natural.

It’s an improvement of your own attractiveness and magnetism without having to do anything to the other person.

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