Magnetic Gaze and Health

Here’s an interesting question from one of our readers:

“Will the practice of Magnetic Gaze improve my health?”

My answer is: it depends.

The energy training exercises you do in the Magnetic Gaze training are certainly very healthy and increase your overall vitality in a large scale. At least for most people who do it.

Yet, reducing your health care just to these practices is overly simplistic.

If you do all these exercises religiously but still lead a high stress lifestyle, have a very bad nutrition
and low sleep quality, your health will surely suffer in the long run.

And while the energy exercises have some protective measures built into it, you can only go thus far with

It’s the same with normal physical exercise. It’s very healthy do it and is recommended by all doctors, yet,
if the rest of your lifestyle is crappy, you’ll pay the toll sooner or later.

This is only common sense.

What I recommend to all MG students (or Sexual Energy, Personal Magnetism students) who are interested in this topic is to take the energy awareness that the Charisma School training gives you to adapt your own lifestyle and diet to what optimizes your vitality and energy levels.

In other words, in most of our training courses there are specific practices for energy awareness, and with them you begin to notice the strength of your own vital energy.

When this energy is strong, not only your gaze and magnetism increases in power but you can be sure your health is also on a very good level.

If you train your energy awareness deeper, you start to notice your lifestyle and dietary choices influences
your vital energy.

So, by changing these factors in a way to maximize the activities/behaviors/foods that increase your vital energy levels on a daily basis, you are inevitably improving your health in the process.

And yes… you can be sure that eating junk food won’t give you whole loads of vital energy!

In short: the energy training per se has a limited scope as a health tool – just like physical exercise. Yet, you can use the awareness you gain with it by changing certain behaviors and improve your health to a very high degree!

Start developing your Magnetic Gaze with Level 1 Foundations training course.

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