Magnetic Gaze Without the Eyes

The teachings of the Magnetic Gaze weren’t always so freely available as they are now.Until Charisma School was created, no one knew about the Magnetic Gaze and its power.

And the training in itself was fully personalized.

Which is something we (very) often need to do even in our online classes, hence the need for a full support to all students. It simply isn’t possible to do it any other way.

I remember one guy coming up to Fabricio, who was known in a small french village as a metaphysical teacher, and asking him to be his student.

Fabricio immediately noticed him as having a good heart, needing the teachings but with a weak mind and Will.

The first practices Fabricio had him do was only related to concentration and Will. Nothing else of the gaze, not even the “simple” fixed gaze.

It turns out that after 5 months of these kind of practices, he quit the training.

You may be thinking: “most likely he was tired of doing these things when he really wanted was the gaze practices”

But far from it.

After those 5 months of training concentration and Will alone, his life completely changed and he actually got a very well paid job abroad with great responsibilities.

He knew this was all thank to the practices he was doing since his life was completely stagnant before. He was profoundly appreciated to Fabricio having him taught those techniques – even when he thought he wanted a different set of skills.

Indeed the training must be adapted to someone needs and current situation. The Magnetic Gaze is not a one size fits all approach and it’s far from being just an eye training. You can practice this path even without a single eye exercise.

It’s a full mind, energy, will training that must be adjusted to each student as difficulties and problems arise – and they will!

Get started on the Magnetic Gaze path with the Foundations training:

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