First Impressions of a Magnetic Man

Imagine you are having an interaction with a magnetic man you just met. When you are in the company of this magnetic man, the first effect upon you is one of rest and tranquility since he is far from nervous and fidgety.

You just feel good and at ease with this magnetic person. He makes you feel like you belong.

Following the sense of rest comes to you, a recognition of strength and power in him, somewhere you cannot place it; you cannot localize it.

You know he has power over himself and others. There’s an inner strength you can’t pinpoint where it comes from.

It is not exactly in his look, manner, speech, or actions, but it is there and seems to be a part of him.

It is a part of him, and if you were with him for a few minutes, as odd as it may seem, this power was also a part of you.

The energy is constantly circulating in the magnetic man. It’s not stagnant.

You can also watch his gaze. His eyes hold you profoundly and intensively, but he is not staring at you. Instead, his glance seems to go through you with a powerful intent gaze.

And if you move to the future – until after the interaction – you will find that, though you did not notice it at the time, you were the one who told what you knew; you were the one who sought to please; you were the one who gave.

Yes, that’s it exactly – you gave, he received. But you feel good about it.

Had he willed it otherwise, he in his strength of magnetic power, and you in your weakness and unpreparedness, you would have been compelled to receive whatever he chose to give of impulse, of command, of opinion.

Had he wished to do so, he could have easily swayed you.


Because it is how personal magnetism works, and he knows this while you do not. But he did not wish it then; he merely permitted himself to make a pleasant impression upon you; he did so because he knew his power.

Once you know the rules and practice the exercises, you too can be magnetic.

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