Magnetic and Un-Magnetic Actions

I’ve received an interesting questions to my last email:“But how do you know which actions are magnetic and which actions are not?”

That’s where your practice and the “weird” energy exercises come into play.

I could give you X amount of rules to define a magnetic behavior and an un-magnetic behavior. But it’s much better if you could learn what they FEEL like.

In other words, a magnetic behavior and an un-magnetic behavior have very different feelings inside of you. One makes you feel empowered, and the other dis-empowered. One feels right, the other feels wrong.

Is this a simplistic way of looking at it? Yes it is. But it’s also the best way we have to truly evaluate ourselves and our own magnetism.

In reality, it’s much more complex due to the lack of awareness of most students.

That’s why we, in Charisma School, place a big emphasis on awareness. Awareness of mind, body and energy.

This awareness allows you to know beyond the shadow of a doubt whether your behaviors are magnetic or un-magnetic.

When you understand the language of energy, it becomes very clear whether you are growing your magnetism or when you are reducing it. It becomes clear if your actions or thoughts are growing your magnetism or reducing it.

The energy won’t lie to you.

But you must be open (and trained) to listen to it.

Then the differences between a magnetic and an un-magnetic behavior is crystal clear.

The same way when you know you are burning your hand. You feel it. You don’t need to look at your hand or to think it through. You simply feel the pain.

But until you reach this point, some training is required. That’s why we created the Vitality and Energy Training. To allow you to become aware of your own energy.

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