Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“I was wondering how would energy be projected when some countries (like mine) are adopting
1) Social Distancing approaches
2) Limiting Contact
3) Wearing mask is becoming compulsory.

How is someone supposed to attract for instance, a relationship when human contact will be scarce?
What is the range can someone project their energy? (1 Metre to 2 Metres distance range being recommended by authorities)”

Fortunately, you don’t need to be physically close to someone to influence them using magnetism. Although energy can projected by touch, it can also be directly projected by your gaze, by your voice, movements, and so on.

So if we end up losing touch as a projection source, we still have all the others. And keep in mind that this will only happen on the initial phases of any relationship. As the relationship evolves so will physical proximity – this won’t change even in these weird times.

For the initial phases, there are plenty of ways to directly project your energy (even by thought!) and touch is only one of them.

Magnetic Gaze students have been using the gaze alone for years!

As long as you can look at someone, you can attract or influence them. Even if it’s across the room. Just think about a situation when you’ve met any magnetic person… did you need for them to touch you or to be physically close to you for you to know they were magnetic?

If your experience is a typical experience, most likely you knew they were magnetic as soon as they walked in the room.

It’s about your own overall energy, not about your ability to be physically close.

As long as they can hear you or see you, you’re good to go!

I would even go as far as saying that now – in the age of social distancing – the training of magnetism and energy it’s even more important.

New ways of relating and interacting with others are being developed. When we all get out of lockdown, we will find a very different social scene.

And regardless if you are wearing a mask, gloves or a full astronaut suit(!) and whether you are physically close or everyone is standing across a room, your energy still gets projected.

It’s the one certainty we have.

And if you already have a magnetic energy, then you’re bound to succeed in attracting or influencing, regardless of the social distancing measures put in place.

That’s why this is the best time to train your energy to prepare yourself!