Magnetism is an identity change

At first glance you may think that magnetism is doing a bunch of exercises and, all of a sudden, a magic energy develops in you and you are magnetic.

But no… it’s more than that.

To truly develop magnetism you need an identity shift.

You no longer become the same person, but instead you transform into a magnetic individual.

The change to a magnetic person is done on an identity level, not (only) on behavioral.

In other words: it’s not what you do, it’s who you are.

If you’re relying just on mindless or automatic performance of the exercises, you’ll be stuck in the same place for a long time. The exercises won’t work very well if they are a simple routine thing you do.

The exercises are there to facilitate the identity change. To facilitate this shift and to make you discover that there are other ways you can think, feel, act, behave and so forth.

They give you a door to walk through.

But you still need to shift.

You still need to uncover your new identity.

You still need to develop and accept this new identity.

And that’s the harder part, because it forces you to leave the old one behind. And change – particularly this type of deep change – is hard.

Leaving your old self and embracing a new one is an uncomfortable process. You’ll be in muddy waters for a while until you permanently shift.

And no one likes to be uncomfortable. We all like the familiar… even if the familiar doesn’t benefits us or if it’s negative for us in different levels.

That’s why you won’t want to let it go.

But if you want to be magnetic you must be ready for this change and embrace this new identity.

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