Magnetism variations during different situations

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Does your personal magnetism changes in different situations and during the day?”

In short: Yes. But there are several caveats for this.

There are two reasons for this answer:

The first is that different situations may bring up different blocks in you.

Let’s say a public speaking situation for hundreds of strangers is completely different than a dinner out with friends.

Different blocks are activated in both of these situations.

Maybe you are completely comfortable in the dinner yet a whole range of blocks are activated in public speaking – the opposite can also happen.

Therefore, your magnetism will be influenced by the situation.

Maybe your projection is a lot weaker in one situation than another, or maybe the quality of your magnetism is different, and so on.

So, you will need to work on your unblocking in these different situations.

The second reason is that your overall energy is also affected differently in different days. This is nothing magical, but it’s simply nature in action.

If you are aware of yourself, your mental state and overall energy, you’ll notice that don’t feel the same everyday, even during the day this changes.

And that’s completely unrelated to the events of your life. Some days you wake up filled with energy and ready for action while other days you wake up feeling more mellow.

Different types of natural effects are at play here.

Including tides – yes, even if you live away from the sea. Considering the gravitational pull from the moon influence the oceans, it would be naive to consider that it wouldn’t affect us considering we are made of 60% water.

This is the same as the seasons of the year. Each season will have a particular backdrop of influencing effects that are different for you and me.

When you really start to observe yourself, you’ll discover all kinds of amazing things that have an influence in different parts of you and your energy.

You can also notice that your dinner the night before can have a large influence on your energy the next day. We start to observe this and much more in the Vitality and Energy Training.

So, yes, overall your personal magnetism is influenced differently depending on several factors – some of it that you can control, others that you won’t have any control over.


These “daily factors” never truly change your baseline personal magnetism.

For example, if you have a great sexual magnetism, it will always have this backdrop of sexuality, regardless if you are projecting less or more or if you are nervous or not or if you have a “situational block” or not.

Maybe it won’t be so noticeable in some particular situation, but it will still be sexual!

So overall, it’s important that you are aware of the different effects different situations have on you, but the most essential aspect is actually achieving the type of magnetism that you want to have!

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