The Main Leaks of Personal Magnetism

Personal Magnetism and energy cultivation is often misunderstood as doing some exercises and you’re good for the day.But nothing could be further from its true development.

You’re never going to develop personal magnetism if there’s not a change in how you handle yourself, your mind and energy in the day to day life.

There’s no point in doing exercises if nothing changes in your day to day life. If you just take 20 minutes to do the exercises and forget about it during the remaining hours of the day, it will be hard to achieve any kind of concrete change.

Your mindset is the true real change here.

If you have a procrastinated, distracted, “will-less” mindset during your whole day, no magnetism will ever stick with you. It will just be leaked away. You can generate a good deal of magnetism during your morning exercises, but when you reach noon it will all be gone.

That’s the main leak of most students I come across. Whether with negative inner voice, or low intention and Will during their day, attention spread too thin or too much rationalization.

The biggest magnetic leaks are often in the mind. It’s rarely a problem of more or fewer exercises. It’s often a problem of mind and inner power.

And, don’t get me wrong, it’s not just about “reminding” about personal magnetism.

That is not enough. What is needed is a change in your own attitude and behaviors. Just saying something to yourself about magnetism is not the most important aspect.

The most important aspect is the change of attitude and internal state to a magnetic state.

As an example, if you are just browsing around the internet with a passive state – when you should be working – and you remember you should be working so you open your work related documents but continue with the same passive state while working, you haven’t accomplished what I’m describing as a magnetic state.

The magnetic state needs an internal shift.

On the example above, your behavior changed (you stopped browsing and started working), but it wasn’t magnetic. There was no internal shift to a more powerful and “Will full” state.

And you certainly need MANY of these internal shifts during your day. Especially in the beginning when your magnetic state is not installed yet.

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