Making a hard decision

Making a hard decision is… well… hard – forgive me the redundancy.

This is to say that most people avoid making them. That’s why being a leader of men is not easy.

It involves making hard decisions. Decisions that won’t please everyone, that will antagonize some people and generate enemies.

And yes, any leader won’t be perfect. He will make mistakes and make bad decisions. Maybe you can see when a leader is making a bad decision, but also, maybe you can only your short term approach and can’t see the other factors he/she is considering in that decision.

Even so, that decision could be a mistake. Still, the leader is the one that needs to decide it. It’s quite easy to be on the other side and criticize that decision, but it’s a lot harder to have to make it.

Particularly because sometimes there is not a “right” decision. One that would be perfect for that situation.

Many people – including some leaders – even use divination systems to avoid the responsibility of having to fully decide something.

Yet, a decision is always an act of Will.

It’s always to assume what you are doing/deciding as an act filled with your intention. A commitment that you doing.

And all leaders should know that, so their decision always has this strong energy behind. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, the Will needs to be present – and when this happens it will be a strong decision.

Of course, particularly these harder decisions should follow as closely as possible the Will Mastery framework to make sure they are not being influenced by the wrong reasons and you are truly following your own Will.

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