Making the Leap to Real Life

There is a real issue in the type of work we are doing here in Charisma School.

The issue is getting stuck only in subtle energy/mind dimension and never make the leap to real life use of all the amazing techniques we are learning here.

The subtle energy dimension is something which is 100% required and we obviously teach it to a high degree.

But this is only a part of it.

Of course, I have placed a lot of warnings and exercises in the courses to be done in real life, but I realize sometimes students continue to have this dichotomy between “energy work” and “real life”.

Somehow, after the 20 minutes of exercises in the morning, everything else is completely ignored during the day.

Just because you can do amazing things with your energy when you’re home alone, it doesn’t mean anything in your outside life changes.

This should be the most important aspect of it.

But it only changes when you also put in the effort to change outside of the exercises, the same way you put in the effort to do those exercises at home.

Although the effort is different.

While on the exercises, the effort is in following the correct technique for the exercise, in “real life”, you mostly need to allow the energy to work through you.

You no longer need to do any energy generation or precise energy manipulation exercises. But you do need to allow the energy to work through you.

And this is where previous blocks and old habits get in the way. Breaking those habits and those blocks is where the difficulty is.

It doesn’t matter if you do 2 hours of energy generation before you go out, if then it’s only going to last you for 20 minutes before you start to tense up and block this energy.

This unconscious tension is the bad kind of tension (stress), not what we describe as tension energy, which is the good kind of tension, one that allows energy to move freely and powerfully.

The more you release this bad body/mental/emotional/energetic tension habits, the easier it will be for you to project this energy deeper.

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