Making your body resilient to harmful substances

Last week we spoken about how your body APPARENTLY becomes more sensitive to harmful substances (like alcohol, drugs or smoking) when you begin an energy training. Based on that, a student asked an interesting question:

“Can you make your body more resilient to harmful substances with energy?”

It’s important you keep in mind that harmful substances won’t affect everyone the same.

A vodka for me can have a different impact than a vodka for you. And I’m not talking about being able to “handle the booze”.

I’m referring to the actual bodily and energy impacts. Particularly long term ones.

The same way with smoking – which everyone knows it’s a harmful for your body – some people smoke 80 years and die from slipping on the bathtub, while others smoke 5 years and get lung cancer.

So these substances will affect people differently.

With that said, you can use energy to make your body more resilient to harmful substances.

Even if not easy or trivial, energy methods can be used to control the effects of these substances or even change its internal effects.

Of course you already need to have a good energy awareness and control, particularly a great Will state.

But is it recommended to do so?

Not at all.

First, you need to consider why are you trying to accomplish that. Is it just for you to be able to get drunk with your friends everyday? Or do you have a bigger motive?

This is something which takes time and effort. Doing it just for a late night party would likely lead nowhere.

Doing it because you are somewhat obligated to take some harmful substance for an important reason, will be completely different.

Second, working with your body is always easier than working against it. It’s always easy when everything is flowing correctly inside instead of having you to consciously act to correct imbalances.

Third, if this substance is really that negative for you, it will put your body in a constant battle.

It’s definitely hard to keep your guard up constantly. Hence, the motivation we spoke before.

Fourth, you need to consider if you’re only doing it because of an addiction to the substance.

If that’s the case, then the very same addiction decreases your inner power and Will, making the control of its effects a lot harder.

In short, although its possible to create this resilience to harmful substances using energy methods, it’s not recommended overall. Particularly for recreational substances. The upsides are not worth the downsides.

To develop your own energy awareness and control start the Vitality and Energy Training. This is where you learn how you can feel what’s happening inside your body and increase the control over your energy – as well as its effects.

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