Managing your reactions

More often than not one of the biggest issues about the development of inner power is the control of your own emotions.

And of course, this is all related to your mind, body and energy.

It’s not just one aspect. Everything is connected.

Your emotions are connected to your body, to your mind and to your energy.

When you feel happy, your body is affected, just like your mind and energy.

And vice-versa.

If you step over a nail (hence affecting first the body), you won’t feel peak happiness for sure. Also your energy will react to this, the same as your mind. This is your body affecting your emotions, your mind and energy.

Just like that, everything influences everything.

Particularly about emotions, they can influence your inner power in a great deal.

It’s hard to develop a solid inner power if you have no control over your emotions and when they are constantly creating chaos inside of you.

But… it’s not about managing your emotions. It’s about managing your reactions to them.

It’s a lot easier to manage those reactions than to make yourself feel less of a X or Y emotion.

Once you understand the reactions of your body to sadness, fear, anger or anxiety, you are able to control them.

But you need to become aware.

Without awareness, you’ll simply react to them. You feel tightness in your chest, increase alertness, rapid heart rate and so on, you’ll know you are anxious. You then might panic and leave in the rush. Or have other behaviors which might not the ideal ones for your situation.

But if you become aware of those reactions inside of you – you start to become familiar to them – and with time you learn to control your mental state. You can CHOOSE better – or more efficient – behaviors for the situation at hand.

In other words, you don’t need to be a slave to your emotions. You may not be easily able to control them directly, but you can surely control your reactions to them.

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