Manifesting vs Influence

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“What’s the difference between manifesting and live influence?”

It’s a great question as they can both be very similar – at least in principle. The main idea behind both is similar; what changes is often the techniques to do it.

In manifestation we often have a specific goal in mind, something like:

“Earn XXX amount of dollars”

“Get job Y”

And so forth.

You have a goal that don’t really care how it’s fulfilled as long as you get it. You send the intention to the “universe” and it’s then manifested in some way that we really don’t know how. The path to get there is often strange beyond what we imagine.

In influencing you are learning techniques to influence someone right in front of you. Very specific to one or more persons, or your surroundings.

You know very well how you’ll achieve a certain goal or intention. While with manifestation, you launch the intention and let the universe do the magic.

So we can say that the influence is more local and the manifestation is more global.

Although even that distinction is tricky. But let’s keep this simple.

Still, I consider them both tools in a toolbox, as they are not at all contradictory.

You can use manifestation techniques for a specific goal, and, as you are taking action to achieve it, you are using influencing techniques in your day to day life.

This way you have the best of both worlds: you establish a solid intention to the “universe” – of whatever you want to call it- , and then you take action to accomplish it where you use all the “local” tools at your disposal.

Personally, that’s how I do it.

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