Are You Manipulating Women with Sexual Energy?

Here’s a question from a reader:

“Don’t you feel bad by using sexual energy on women this way? Aren’t you manipulating them?”

The short answer is: NO.

And neither do them.

Why would you feel bad for attracting a woman to you?

If you think you’re not worthy of attracting women to you, your self-esteem is lower than you think and you should work on that before training with sexual energy.

You aren’t manipulating anyone, you’re not using mind tricks or psychological techniques. You’re developing yourself and your own energy into a type of energy women feel sexually attracted to.

It’s like working out in the gym, but instead of using your body, you’re doing it with your energy.

What’s wrong with that?

You are working on yourself. If I was recommending to go to a gym, get a perfume, stylish clothes… no one would object. But since I’m recommending to work on your own energy, all of a sudden it’s manipulation and trickery.

A woman feels good when she’s next to a real man, who dresses nicely, takes care of himself AND
radiates sexuality.

It’s a favour you are doing to them by working on yourself.

But… what you do after you get this sexual attraction, it’s a different matter.

That’s completely up to you and your own personality.

Sexual energy gives you the attraction, what you do with the attraction is up to you.

Personally speaking – and what I always recommend – is don’t to do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

I live by this mantra.

And recommend everyone else to do to.

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