Manipulative sexual energy

I’ve often receive questions and comments from people concerned that sexual energy “tactics” are manipulative or some form of mind control.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

And it’s very easy to understand why.

What you are doing in sexual magnetism training is to become comfortable with the sexual energy in your body. You’re allowing this energy to flow freely inside of you.

Instead of being self-conscious and have this energy stuck in your body – causing anxious feelings, and other types of negative behaviors – you’re training it to flow.

And this feels VERY good!

Sexual energy is already a pleasurable feeling to begin with, so when it’s flowing throughout your body, it amplifies these good feelings.

Or… at the very least, it doesn’t hinder your behaviors on any kind of situation; which is exactly what stuck and blocked energy does.

Once this energy is flowing inside of you, you want to share it with others. You want to train this energy to flow to the outside of you. To make sure that others can also feel it.

It’s an abundant feeling.

You’re not forcing anyone to feel it, you’re simply sharing your pleasurable internal feelings to the outside.

And this is quite good for all those around you.

It’s exactly what is a magnetic individual. I’m sure you remember from your experiences about a magnetic friend of acquaintance. You don’t really know how or why, but you feel good around this person. There’s something about him or her that makes you feel nice inside.

This person doesn’t need to be manipulative, or lie or cheat (although certain magnetic individuals may choose to do so) because you simply feel good around this person, you inevitable give him a certain power over you. Maybe this magnetic person can get away with more things than any other of your friends. It’s normal.

There’s no need to be manipulative. When you share the abundant sexual feeling inside, people around you will simply be attracted to you without you needing to lie or cheat.

But for that, you already need to have this good sexual feeling inside and be able to share it.

That’s what we start to train in the course:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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