Masculinity and Sexual Energy

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“Will you become more masculine as you develop sexual energy?”

When I first read this question, it reminded me one my early girlfriends of my teenage years. She was dumping me while saying:

“You need to be more of a man”


Yes, that was painful.

But it was a pivotal moment that reinforced my commitment into self-improvement and personal magnetism. So, at the end, it was a good thing.

So let’s think about what is masculinity.

The traits usually associated with masculinity can be something like: “dominance”, “power”, “alpha”, “strength”, “protection”. Among others.

When my girlfriend told me that, she wanted to feel this power and dominance that I didn’t had at that time. I was too passive.

Granted, all those traits, when taken to the extreme will make a man seem more like some kind of primitive animal that should have stayed in the cavemen days.

Yet, when developed and used in moderation, they can give you a good aura of powerful energy and the guarantee that you’ll never hear what I heard when I was younger.

That’s what we train in courses like the “10 Steps to Inner Power” and “Personal Magnetism”. This type of courses, trains you to become powerful, strong and a leader.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man that wants to develop his masculinity, or a woman who wants to improve their own magnetism and power. This type of training is gender free and can be used by both men and women.

But sexual energy doesn’t improve your power per se.

Although we can discuss at length about the sexes of the different types of energy, when you develop sexual energy you won’t develop neither masculinity or femininity. You develop your sexual attractiveness.

The power is developed before sexual energy.

That’s one of the reasons all the Charisma School sexual energy trainings have a pre-requisite of the “10 Steps to Inner Power”. If you want to develop masculine and powerful traits, you should start there.

If you don’t understand (and develop) the building blocks of power and magnetism, your sexual energy projection won’t be strong enough to be felt.

It’s the same with women, even if they are not interested in developing the masculine traits, a certain power is needed in the feminine nature. If you notice sexually magnetic women, you’ll also identify this power in there.

When you have the basic power, then you can start to develop your sexual energy with the training:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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