Mastering Your Energy

Mastery over your own energy is much more than just an interesting – and weird – hobby. It’s an essential part of living that should have come with life’s instruction manual.It affects so many areas of your life that, from my perspective, I now considerable unthinkable not knowing how to manipulate energy. It’s an essential life skill, like knowing how use google or how to use a mobile phone.

It’s such a big part of my life that I can’t understand how I would live without this knowledge and skill.

It influences my life on a very deep level and it’s present everywhere. Both on superficial interactions and on deep meditations. On the daily routine and on extraordinary circumstances. On what you eat and when to sleep.

My first encounter with this world of energy was during my Magnetic Gaze training. I’ll be honest. At the time they seemed just like an interesting couple of exercises. Not much more than that.

I didn’t quite understood the full range of it. But because I wanted the Magnetic Gaze skills, I just kept doing it. And as I evolved in the system (and the energy mastery that goes along with it), I slowly – and without realizing at first – started integrating energy elements into my life.

In the beginning it was all about the interactions and influence. Using energy techniques as a way to influence. That’s what we learn in personal magnetism and the Magnetic Gaze.

But it soon became much more than this.

I learned how to use energy to influence myself. My own health and vitality. The control of my sexuality. The control of my own mind and attention. All of it it’s related to energy!

It’s like you learn a secret toolbox that allows you to access and influence all the dimensions of yourself.

For me, the biggest breakthrough happened when I “fixed” a chronic health situation I had using only the energy awareness and energy manipulation. Doctors told me I would be stuck with it for life. With the first initial energy awareness exercises, I could immediately recognize what was plaguing me and the “fix” was obvious.

I describe this whole episode at length on some of our trainings.

After I discovered the power of energy, I applied it to everything else. It’s like discovering peanut butter for the first time! You can’t get enough of it!

I also soon learned not to discuss it with people around me. They started to look at me in a weird way. Just like I was introducing a smartphone to someone from 1920! “What is that weird magic? You must be a wizard of some kind! Get away from me!”

Not everyone is like that.

There are those with an open mind and willingness to try new things. Those are the ones I confide in. And if you are reading this newsletter, you are certainly ready to take a step further.

Whenever you are ready to learn how to use energy, start with:
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