Mastery of the Magnetic Gaze

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“How long does it take to master the magnetic gaze?”

Mastery is a hard and long process in the Magnetic Gaze or in any other skill. I could ask: how long does it take to master the piano?

If you’re a pianist you might say: several lifetimes. In other words, mastery implies an almost no end learning.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that you’ll only be able to play the piano in your third lifetime.

After you learn the basic principles and basic tunes, you are able to play some interesting music. You might play for your family or friends; and after a few more learning experiences, you might be able to impress those who never played before.

With the Magnetic Gaze is very similar. The mastery of it and its related principles, also need several lifetimes, yet, you don’t need mastery.

Each Magnetic Gaze level has its own objectives that you are able to achieve after its completion. Right in the first level is the covert influence and attraction of other people. On the second level, you’ll deepen this influence as well achieve influence over animals and plants.

Each of these levels stands on its own; so if you are happy with the benefits you achieved with one level, you can stop right there and get them for life! If you wish to continue down the rabbit hole, then you’ll have a whole new world ahead of you.

In other words, just because you haven’t “mastered” something, it doesn’t mean you aren’t able to do cool stuff!

Start your learning experience of the Magnetic Gaze with Level 1 Foundations:

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