Meditation is a wonderful gift for everyone. Whether you are interested in personal magnetism, sexual magnetism, health, well-being and overall happiness, meditation should be part of your daily routine.

It sure is part of mine.

But how is meditation related to charisma and personal magnetism?

Indeed it’s not directly related.

You won’t be more charismatic if you just meditate and don’t do anything else.

Your sexual energy won’t increase.

But it gives you important elements we have discussed in the past.

It gives you an increased amount of concentration and mental control IF (and only IF) you do it right.

Otherwise, it might even contribute to the LACK of concentration and inner power.

As most people do it, with the wrong attitude and mental state, it can create quite a distracted mind.

But with the right attitude and mental state, it can become a powerful ally in our search for charisma and personal magnetism.

So not only it reinforces your concentration, but it also reinforces your ability to control your state, your mind and attitude.

And those are powerful skills to increase your personal magnetism and charisma.

What you learn on the 10 Steps to Inner Power can make your meditation practice much more powerful!

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