Mental tension and it’s problems

There’s a trait that is often a cause for some issues that are hard to change in you.

That trait is mental tension.

Mental tension is a straining of your mind. Remember when you have to figure out those hard math problems? Or when you try to do some mental calculation?

That’s mental tension.

It can have different levels – a harder math problem vs an easy one.

It’s part of life and we all use (and need) mental tension in some parts of our day to focus in whatever we need to focus or to solve any issue we might have.

For example, some of the exercises of the Concentration and Mind Control training require mental tension. The same with some of the Will exercises, there’s usually some mental tension needed for applying your Will.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But there are two main problems with its use:

1) When mental tension is the only mode you have (or the one you use mostly). In other words, you are always straining and tensing.

This is a problem because it often stops your energy flow, creates negative tension energy (it can be an energy leak) and the probability of having headaches increases.

2) The other problem is when you have this mental tension caused by ruminating thoughts. Thoughts that never leave your mind, similar to obsessions or ruminations.

It can happen in a jealous boyfriend that can’t seem to ward off the thoughts that his girlfriend is cheating on him.

It can also happen in a workaholic that can’t seem to relax and enjoy life without being constantly working.

This creates a psychological and mental tension that prevent you to change what you want to change because the tension won’t allow you to switch modes.

Flexibility of mind and mental states is a key aspect of personal magnetism and inner power.

You can’t have the same mental state in solving a hard problem that you have when socializing with your best friends.

Hence, one of the most important keys is understanding your own levels of tension.

Trying to become aware of the difference between when you have 100% of mental tension vs when you have 0%.

The work you do on the Vitality and Energy Training gives you exactly that.

The awareness of when there’s a lot of tension or none at all, and the levels in between.

Then, you are able to work with mental tension for your advantage and evolution!

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