Mere thought does not create reality

Mere thought does not create reality. I know this goes against what the New Thought philosophers have always said: “Thought creates reality.”

But it’s easy enough to understand what I’m referring to: we all have thousands of thoughts each day in our minds, from the very mundane to the most extreme. Just spend a day noticing and writing down all your thoughts, and you’ll know exactly what I mean: you’ll fill hundreds of pages.

If each one of them turned into reality for every single person out there, the world would be even messier than it is.

So we can confidently say that mere thought does NOT create reality.

However, we know that thought is indeed an important part of manifestation and creating your reality.

Am I contradicting myself?

Not really.

We need to understand thought as the New Thought philosophers did, in a much broader way.

Allow me to explain:

We tend to repeat many of our thoughts or at least use the same thinking patterns. For example, maybe we are constantly thinking of ways to get money or achieve what we want at any particular time.

So the content of our thoughts is changeable but similar. But what is really behind it? For example, in thinking, “I need X amount of money,” or “I need a new car,” you have an energy of scarcity, neediness, and desperation.

The energy behind it is what gives power to the thought.

Therefore, you can think about different ways to get money, but you’ll always feel neediness if the energy behind it is one of neediness. Then, regardless of how much money you get, you’ll find yourself without it quite soon to fulfill the promise of that same energy.

In other words, regardless of how you phrase the thought, if the energy is one of scarcity, that is what you’ll manifest.

So your energy is the power behind thoughts. It’s the fuel that differentiates the thoughts that are manifested into reality and those that are not.

This is much different from the CONTENT of the thoughts. Just like when we do an affirmation without any energy behind it: it’s like we are firing blanks. There’s nothing within it.

That’s why we place so much importance on knowing and becoming aware of energy. Without it, no conscious manifestation can take place.

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