Mind, Body and Energy

One of the fundamental aspects we aim to get with our training is the congruency between mind, body and energy. To get everything working under one beat.

The most pressing problem with this is that most people don’t really know what their body, mind and energy are doing.

Even though they may think they know, they don’t really know.

First, the obvious reason is that most people don’t feel their energy. So they don’t know what their energy is telling them. Maybe their energy tells them to get out of a situation, yet they dismiss it.

Then, naturally, this is completely interconnected with the body. But most people can only feel the significant signals of the body – like an illness, an infection, or some health symptom.

Only when it hurts, do we pay any attention to the body.

Once you join energy and body, you can catch many diseases before they manifest in a severe form. And that’s a huge advantage you have in life.

Don’t get me wrong; it doesn’t mean you become invulnerable and never become sick again. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have the panacea that heals everything. But you can at least prevent some of the issues that can pop up.

Then finally, the mental aspect. We all think we know what our mind is doing. We think we know how our mind works. After all, we’re living in it. It’s an integral part of ourselves.

But we don’t. We need to observe our mind, to become aware of its different facets. And even so, it’s hard to say we know everything there is to know about it.

You can spend 50 years studying the mind and still only be scratching the surface.

Yet, the more you know, the more you can also control and use during your day-to-day life.

If you at least know the foundations, you can join mind, body and energy and finally achieve some congruency instead of going through life without knowing yourself.

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