Why mind power for personal magnetism?

One of my main questions early on in my training was:

“Why do I need to develop my mind power, Will and concentration if all I want is personal magnetism?”

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED the exercises on mind power, concentration and Will. I just felt my mind was expanding and I could feel the increase in power!

But what is this related to personal magnetism?

In the beginning, I was just given the exercises without many explanations.

The instructions would simply be “do this”.

And I would ask:


The answer would be:

*** crickets…. nothing!

I didn’t exactly had a great newsletter explaining these things to me 😉

The fact is, magnetism doesn’t increase directly from the mind power.

(Or at least, not with the beginner type of exercises)


Mind power is necessary for you to be able to work with magnetism efficiently.

It’s hard to efficiently manipulate and move energy without a strong mind power.

That’s why in yoga, for example, advanced energy practices will only come after a strong preparation. You work with the body (asanas or postures), then with the breath (pranayama), then with simpler concentration meditations and only later advanced energy meditations.

It’s very easy to fool yourself thinking you are using and moving energy in your body.

The current new age thinking is, just visualize something and energy will move.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mind power, Will, concentration keeps your grounded. It gives you the strength and skills to actually move energy efficiently.

And then you are able to work with magnetism in a concrete way!

So, not only you gain in actual improvement over your own mind (as important as that is!), but you actually gain in personal magnetism.

Our training of “Concentration and Mind Control” is specific for this energy work and preparation for magnetism!

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