Mind Power and Technologies

A common question I use to have is if a certain technology or entertainment is good or bad in terms of our inner power, concentration or magnetism. Let’s say, TV, internet browsing, messaging, and the like.

None of these technologies is inherently good or bad.

It’s just a technology. The way we use it is the important factor.

Internet browsing is not bad per se. But a mindless and addictive internet browsing is a different thing. Using it this way reinforces an unfocused and unaware mind.

And the more time you spend with this kind of mental state, the more you are (un)training your mind to become like that in general.

Instead, if you use internet browsing in a focused and aware way, it’s perfectly acceptable (and even good) for your own mind training.

The key is always in the mental state.

When you learn to differentiate and control your several mental states, then whatever you do can be done in a focused, aware and willful way. This means all these activities can be a reinforcement of your own training instead of a hazard.

But for this to happen you already need a solid mastery over your mind and inner power.

Otherwise what will happen is that you start your “browsing session” filled with good intentions and Will, but after 10 minutes you are already completely mindless and unaware.

You need a solid training before hand with controlled conditions where you can just focus in improving this aspect. Then you can bring it to the “real world”

That’s what we do in trainings like the “10 Steps to Inner Power” and the “Concentration and Mind Control”. You learn how to control your mind, use your Will and intention, and improve your inner power. Then you are ready to start using it in your daily life in all your activities!

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