Is your mind preventing your evolution?

One common problem among students interested in personal magnetism and energy development is rigidity.

Mental rigidity is when you get stuck in certain mind patterns without allowing the natural evolution of your mind to higher states.

Energetic rigidity is when you get stuck in certain energy patterns without allowing the natural flow of your energy.

Physical rigidity is the most easily seen (and fixed) and you can notice it in overly tensed muscles and rigid movements.

Often times, the mind wants to evolve but you hold on to the previous habitual and comfortable mind patterns. It’s related to the fear of change and letting go. The more control you impose in yourself and in your life, the harder it will be to truly evolve and let go of rigidity.

Some control is – of course – necessary. If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you know how I advocate a strong Will to control several aspects of your life, like your thoughts, behaviors and energy.

But there’s a fine line between the control you need and too much control or rigidity that doesn’t allow the evolution.

Too much control is an important part of development and we all went through it in one time or another. When you start to learn personal magnetism and understand its rules, you want to adapt as many of them as you can to increase your magnetism.

This makes you more rigid than you have to be. It can be a muscular rigidity but often times it’s a mental, emotional or energetic one.

But that’s ok and it’s expected.

With the progression of the training, a balance is reached and you can understand exactly what you need to exert control on and what you can (or need) to relax.

If you ever seen anyone learn to dance, you’ll watch them go through unnatural and overly rigid movements to smooth and natural movements, with tension just on the right spots.

It’s similar with personal magnetism and charisma.

The problem is when this balance is NOT reached and you keep an excessive tense control all the time. Whether in the physical, mental, emotional or energetic planes.

Personal magnetism has an active energy but not overly tense in any aspect. There’s enough tension to be active but not enough to be rigid.

If you have a problem of rigidity, whether in your mental patterns or in your energetic or muscular ones, notice what can you let go of. Work on this balance of relaxation vs activity so you can activate just the right “buttons” to get the job done.

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