Mistakes when practicing magnetism

It’s not new for anyone – or at least I hope not – that you need a fair amount of practice to develop any skill.

From ping pong to drawing, you need to practice.

And, at a certain point, you need repetition in order for something to work. Not repeating for the sake of it, but using deliberate practice and reflecting on what you are doing.

Magnetism is no exception.

But one aspect of it is often the harder part: the one that involves getting out there. I mean the practice that you do in the real world with people, as opposed to home alone.

And there are many reasons for “bad outdoor practice”.

Particularly in sexual magnetism.

Regardless of how much sexual energy exercises you practice at home, outside practice is essential.

The practice at home is, of course, very important. You need to understand your body, your energy and your mind, and you need to do it when you have privacy and time to go deep.

With that said… you also need to understand your body, energy and mind when you are interacting with someone. You may be a master magnetic man moving energy left and right when you are home alone in your bedroom, but completely block it when you are in a social event.

But that’s ok. You need the practice in many different situations with as much exposure as possible.

I’m sure you will agree with me if I say that you won’t be a master public speaker if you only practice home alone in front of the mirror right?

It can be a good practice, but you also need practice in front of actual people. Many other variables are at play and many other energetic blocks pop up that weren’t there at home – and those blocks are important to deal with.

The same way, I’m sure you also agree that you won’t become a master public speaker if you only did it once in front of a live audience.

Again, you need repeated practice. Regardless of how many hours you put in your alone practice, the outside one is essential.

Also, if all your “outdoor” interaction training is with the same person, you won’t become sexually magnetic.

You won’t become a master seducer because you are attempting to seduce only that one person for 2 minutes every other day when you cross her in the hall. Whether that person is from your work, college, hobbies, etc.

I’m sure there’s already a large energetic block or a vampiric energy about that one person.

Hence, it’s much easier if you start with anyone else that doesn’t have such an energetic load associated with them.

The less expectations and NEEDS you have, the easier it will be.

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