Money and Magic

Here’s an interesting question that many people certainly wondered about:

“I know this is something far fetched. But I have heard of occultists that have mastered their minds and developed wonderful abilities that they have been able to attract money and prosperity to themselves by their amazing concentration and focus abilities. They say Aleister Crowley in his later years did this and didn’t have a job. Is it really possible or just a farce??”
Is it possible to attract money with only your mind?

I would say that if you don’t do anything else and just visualize (or use whatever technique to “attract”) money in your life, you’d be quite disappointed.

Those who say that money just pops in their life without any kind of work and only with magickal techniques are most certainly lying or delusional.

Otherwise there would be a lot of rich magicians out there – which is rarely the case.

Even Aleister Crowley, if he got money was because of his widespread notoriety during his lifetime and his many students.

As you might have guessed by now, I have a very practical view of this.

Although it’s undeniable that there’s a money mindset that needs to be worked on, this is only a part of the issue.

The bigger part is actually working and taking actions that may lead to earning money.

If you make a contest between a good and experienced salesman and someone with all the concentration and focus ability in the world (let’s say a buddhist monk), to find out who can get more money in a week, my bet would always be on the salesman.

Although if you have a good salesman and a good salesman WITH mind mastery, then my bet would change.

In short, to get money, you need to go after it, learn the “ways of money” in the real world, and not waste your time with only visualizations and mind techniques.

Not that they don’t have their place, but the more important part is definitely in taking action.

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