Moving For Personal Magnetism

I had a student who asked me if moving to another country would be good for his inner power and magnetism, to teach him self-reliance, independence and so on.My answer is simple: if you can’t develop inner power where you are now, you also won’t develop it in another country – wherever it may be.

You can’t run away from your own mind and internal structure.

Changing situations won’t change who and what you are. You’ll only be repeating the same behaviors you had before.

Put it another way, if you keep having one type of behavior where you are at the moment, then you’ll continue to have it everywhere you’ll go.

Are there exceptions to this? Of course.

If you already started your inner power and magnetism training and you are indeed changing your internal structures, then moving to a different situation, can be a good thing to solidify these changes. It’s not required – obviously – but it can be beneficial.

Another exception is if you live in a truly bad situation (ie. your country is at war, terrible home life, etc), then improving your magnetism when everything else is against you, it’s an herculean task. Moving to easier life conditions can be very helpful and highly recommended.

Fortunately, most of us don’t have these terrible odds against us.

We “only” have to face our own demons.

The radical change of your external conditions is only helpful in a few handful situations, but it’s rarely helpful when it’s your own behavior and mind creating the life around you.

What can happen is that you change your external conditions – and it can be exactly where you are – by new thoughts, behaviors and actions. Now this is a true change!

If you accomplish this internal change, then wherever you go, in the present or in the future, you can rest assure that your life will be a lot different.

That’s the only change that truly makes a difference in the long term.

It can be accompanied by an external change, but above all, the focus is inside of you – not outside.

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