Do you need to be an extrovert to attract women?

Here’s an interesting question from the reader of this newsletter:“Do I need to be an extrovert to attract women with sexual energy?”

Sexual energy has nothing to do with psychological constructs like introversion and extroversion.

The use of sexual energy is independent of personality, language, intelligence, looks or wealth.

It’s important for you to understand that energy – regardless if it’s sexual energy or any other – is far more than this.

Yet, it’s not wizardry or magic.

In fact, you are working with energy every day of your life whether you consciously know it or not.

Have you ever had a fight with a girlfriend or a friend, and then went out to a party? Did that party went well for you? Possibly not. Your negative state of mind influenced your overall energy, and your energy influenced your interactions.

Have you ever had a particularly successful day with a presentation going well, or gaining a promotion, and then went out to a party? Did that party went well for you? Most likely yes, unquestionably with a lot more successful and pleasant interactions.

On both situations, you were working with your energy whether you knew it or not.

In Charisma School, we propose a conscious use of this energy. Instead of allowing random life events to rule your energy for you, we offer to have a conscious and mindful use of your own energies.

These situations I’ve just described are self-evident. The use of your energy in your day to day life is more subtle than this, yet, it’s still there and it has huge effects in your life AND in your attraction levels.

Why do some men get instant attraction from women while others repel them? It’s not only about the looks. We all know men who are not “model type” or have great looks, yet keep getting this instant attraction without saying anything.

Their sexual energy defines this. Not looks, extroversion or wealth. You can be rich as a sultan or poor as a mite. It doesn’t matter. Sexual attraction is deeper than this.

That’s why we created the Sexual Energy Mastery training. To give you control over your sexual attraction levels. For the first time, you can actually choose how sexual you want to become.

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