Do you need Inner Power for Attraction?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Why do you need inner power for attraction? Can’t you only train sexual energy?”

Regardless of how we choose to think about it, the basic fact is that attraction is a type of influence. And all influence works under the same mechanisms: your reality and conviction are stronger than the reality and conviction of the other person.

It doesn’t matter which technique you use, this basic source of inner power must be there in order to influence successfully and consistently – as well as to avoid attempts of influence to you.

Sexual energy – or any other type of energy – is not a replacement for Inner Power.

As good as all the energy developments are, you still need to have an intense inner power inside of you in order to use them correctly.

If your inner power is weak, if you are depressed, if you constantly have negative thoughts, if you can’t have the basic simple influence, how will you be able to project any kind of energy?

Sexual energy won’t manifest itself on a weak psyche.

It’s the same with other types of energy, including healing energy. As I’ve mentioned previously, all the great energy healers I’ve known over the course of my life, were all very earthly, grounded and powerful persons – as opposed the new age fairy heads.

Inner Power is the engine behind any kind of influence, including attraction.

You can’t expect to simply be a wiz in energy manipulation and become influential. Energy mastery won’t give you the influence if the basic guidelines for inner power are not there.

That’s one of the problems with the so called New Age Techniques. You have books filled with “meditations” and “visualizations” for any imaginable issue. Yet, the efficacy of these techniques leaves much to be desired. They never attend to this basic inner power.

When you have no power inside of yourself, it’s extremely hard to demonstrate any power of influence to the outside. Energy techniques won’t mask this basic truth.

That’s why the 10 Steps to Inner Power is a recommended before any of the Sexual Energy trainings or pretty any of the Charisma School trainings.

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