Need to release Sexual Energy?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Will the S.E.M course help to build up my ability to “handle” sexual energy? My biggest problem isn’t so much feeling it, but that whenever I do, I feel the need to release it. I don’t think it’s a belief thing, or repression, I think I’ve just trained myself, so to speak, not to feel it for very long.”

That’s indeed one of the biggest obstacles with sexual energy.

Not being able to handle it for very long. Always wanting to release it, instead of allowing its presence.

That’s precisely what we train in Sexual Energy Mastery.

Allowing your sexual energy to be free inside of yourself. Feeling good with sexual energy as opposed to wanting to get rid of it immediately due to an uncontrollable tension.

This feeling of “need to release” only happens due to our many inner blocks that get the energy stuck in a finite area of your body. It can be a mental block or a body block (genital area for example).

We train you to get rid of these blocks and free up the energy so that you’re allowed to feel sexual all day long without wanting to release it.

It’s even desirable to feel like this, since it becomes quite pleasurable instead of unbearable or anxious as it is for many people.

Once you allow sexual energy to be free inside of you, once you allow yourself to be comfortable in its presence, then you become magnetically sexual.

It’s a great feeling once this energy is unleashed all over your body and mind. Your whole energy field is transformed by it.

Although the biggest crimes are committed due to sex, someone with an unleashed sexual energy has no desire whatsoever to be aggressive or violent when this energy is allowed to run free in your body.

It’s an amazingly ecstatic feeling that you just want to share and enrich the lives of those around you with it.

And of course it translates into a powerful sexual attraction, especially when you learn how to project it.

Learn exactly how to do this and develop your sexual energy with the Charisma School training, Sexual Energy Mastery:

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