Do you need Sexual Energy to be Charismatic?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader of this newsletter:

“Do you need sexual energy to be charismatic?”

No. You don’t need sexual energy to be charismatic.

You can be charismatic and have ZERO sexual energy.


One of the main reasons students of Charisma School want to be charismatic is to be able to sexually attract a suitable partner.

And that’s perfectly fine!

There’s also other reasons like standing out in their work, getting influencing power, having a happy life, developing their own confidence and inner power and so on.

All of them very worthwhile and completely essential for a fully magnetic man.

But finding one (or more) suitable partners is a main goal for many of us, students of charisma and social influence.

And, if you can achieve this goal in a more efficient way (faster), WHILE, at the same time, increase your charisma why wouldn’t you do it?

Especially if sexual attraction is your number one priority for training personal magnetism.

That’s why the teaching of sexual magnetism is completely relevant in Charisma School.

It’s a quality of charisma focused on the sexual aspects.

In others words, your charisma attracts sexuality and sexual adventures like bees to honey.

Besides, to develop sexual magnetism, you actually need a very good energy awareness and energy projection. Which are both requirements for general personal magnetism.

This is the same as language learning. It allows you to communicate differently with different people. And the more languages you know, the easier it is to learn the next one. If you already know Spanish, you have already won half of the battle when you want to learn Italian.

If you already have sexual magnetism, developing the magnetic gaze or personal magnetism, won’t be very hard either since many of the foundations are already built.

And then you have an extra set of “languages”, an extra set of energies at your disposal that you can use as you see fit.

Develop and discover your sexual energy with the Charisma School training, Sexual Energy Mastery:

And learn how to project it with the Sexual Magnetism training:

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