Negative emotions fueling your magnetism

I’ve often been asked by students about taking advantage of negative emotions (like anger or fear) to improve their magnetism, increase their Will and projection.

And yes, that’s a possibility.

You can increase your magnetism using negative emotions.

They become a fuel that boosts your energy and projection.

Think about situations of revenge. People can go to the ends of the world to seek revenge on someone.

Or about others who are very strong persuaders when motivated by negative emotions.

Transforming this into magnetism is possible and is done unconsciously by many people around the world.

It can also be done consciously as you increase the negative emotion and transmute it into magnetism.

But there’s a BIG caveat here: the real danger is in the negative emotion consuming you.

This can easily happen when you play around with negative emotions as the lives of many people will tell you.

Notice what happens to all those who allowed negative emotions roaming free inside of them: they end up in jail, bankrupt, dead, alone, miserable or in dire situations.

These are true consequences and not scare tactics. Allowing negative emotions to be your main “fuel” can have unpredictable and serious consequences in your life.

The key aspect here is in control and Will.

Negative emotions when allowed to flow inside can be hazardous. Think about what happens when someone is giving in to fear or anger or any other negative emotion.

It never ends well.

But.. when infused with the power (and control) of the Will indeed you can use it as a very strong fuel.

Only to do this, you already need a very solid and firm control over your own Will, inner power and energy.

Even so, the risks far outweigh the benefits. Particularly because there are plenty of other methods to reach the same result of a strong magnetism.

You can easily slip up, lose control on a particular situation that can destroy everything you have built up until a certain point.

So using negative emotions (whatever they are) to fuel your magnetism is definitely not a good idea and you should think carefully if you are ever planning on doing it.

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