Charisma School and the New Thought Movement

The New Thought was a movement in the beginning of the 19th century that consisted in the belief in a Higher Power (call it God or Universal Intelligence) and its divine manifestation in all of us. They also believed in the power of mind over body, and as such, in the ability of our mind to heal our physical body. It’s a mental spiritual system that holds man as being one with God, through the power of constructive thinking. They are Christian in nature and many different traditions of religious New Thought exist.

New Thought was deeply associated with Self-help. Mostly with the teachings of controlling your thoughts and how your thoughts create reality. The popular book of “The Secret” is nothing more than these New Thought teachings presented in a modern way. Above all, this New Thought Mind Science has its roots in ancient mysticism and Hermeticism.

Several authors you might recognize are: Napoleon Hill, William Walter Atkinson, Edmund Shaftesbury, Charles Haanel, Thomas Troward. More recently you can probably recognize: Rhonda Byrne (author of the secret), Wayne Dyer, Joel Goldsmith, Neal Donald Walsh, Joseph Murphy, among others.

There’s also a tradition where a minority of the authors of the New Thought Movement studied and wrote about Will Power, Personal Magnetism, Concentration, Energy, among other Personal Power characteristics. They used some New Thought Mind Science tools, as well as techniques from other disciplines, in order to increase the Power and Magnetism of the individual. They studied the mental and spiritual aspect of maximum achievement in life. Some examples are: Atkinson, Shaftesbury, Haddock and some more.

The problem with these teachings was always lack of structure and integration. If you have read some of their books, you understand that they share some techniques, but it’s quite hard to get some objective results with them without the proper road map. Just one technique alone means very little if not inserted in the bigger context. Not to mention that certain techniques were simply impossible to accomplish without a more complete kind of training. If you happen to have tried it, you know this first hand.

The early teachers who taught the founders of Charisma School were contemporaries with these authors, and from our records, we know that they even met some of them. But, unlike them, our early teachers always prefered to remain anonymous in this quest, due to their high position in society. For that reason, they didn’t wrote any books and all the knowledge was passed on by oral tradition only.

Due to their knowledge in other areas like the French Magnetic Tradition, Hermeticism, Indian Yoga and Psychology, they went much further than the original New Thought authors and integrated all these teachings into a coherent whole with the proper preparations that could increase Magnetism and Personal Power step by step.

For them, it was their life mission to create this complete system. They believed – as do I – that the development of Personal Magnetism and Mind Control was the key to their success.

The goal of Charisma School is to continue their legacy and finally share the knowledge they left behind in a more open way so that more people can benefit from it. We are currently the only school that integrates the teachings of Personal Power and Magnetism into a complete system that can be followed by anyone.


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