New Thought principles summary

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“The New Thought teaches us that there is a spiritual evolution going on in Man — that he is growing, developing and unfolding in spiritual attainment. That his mind is developing and causing to unfold new faculties which will lead him to higher paths of attainment.

The New Thought teaches also that “thoughts are things” that every thought we think goes forth, carrying with it force which affects others to a greater or less extent, depending upon the force behind our thought, and the mental attitude of the other persons.

And it teaches that like attracts like in the world of thought—that a man attracts to himself thoughts in harmony
with his own—people in harmony with his thoughts—yes, that even things are influenced by thought in varying degrees.

It teaches that “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” and that a man may change, and often does change, his entire character and nature by a change of thoughts, an adjustment of his mental attitude.

It teaches that Fearthought and Worry and all the rest of the foul brood of negative thoughts attract thoughts, people, things, from the outside, and pull the man down to the level of his thought pictures. And on the contrary a man may, by right thinking, raise himself from the mire, and surround himself with people and things corresponding to his thoughts.

And it teaches that thoughts take form in action.

And it teaches that the Mind is positive to the Body, and that a man may become sick or well—diseased or free from disease, according to his thoughts and mental attitude.

It teaches that the mind of Man contains latent forces, lying dormant, awaiting the day of their unfoldment, which may be developed and trained and used in a wondrous way.

It teaches that Man is in his infancy regarding the proper use of his mental powers. These things and similar
things, expressed in scores of forms, according to the views of the respective teachers, are fundamental principles of The New Thought.”

Atkinson summarizes here the basic principles of New Thought. We talk about most of them in one way or another, either way, it’s always good to have a nice summary of it.

If you have been reading this newsletter for a while, nothing shouldn’t be new to you. Although in here in Charisma School we don’t particularly follow everything from New Thought philosophy, we do have many similarities with it.

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