No time to feel miserable

Last week we discussed about an important issue in handling your emotions and feelings.

But that’s not the end of the story.

The second important problem with the emotions and feelings is that you now have a choice.

If you stay home playing computer games and not work for a year, you know you won’t die. Realistically speaking, someone else will take care of your basic needs (parents, partner, friend, brothers, your country, and so on).

In the old days, it wouldn’t matter if you woke up sad, miserable or happy as a clam, you still had to milk the cows, feed the pigs and collect the eggs. This was just for basic survival. If you didn’t do it, you and your family would starve to death.

There was no time to stay in bed to feel miserable or to procrastinate.

It existed a very survival type of Will that is missing on the comfortable life of most people on the western world.

This Will allowed you to move through the world and do what needed to be done, regardless of what you may be feeling.

I’ve spoken before about a successful writer friend of mine who never has writer’s block. It just doesn’t happen because whether he’s happy as a clam or depressed like hell, everyday he sits down at the same time and starts to write.

He knows if he doesn’t write he would need to go back to a life of working on a cubicle. That’s a big motivator for him!

By all means, I’m NOT advocating a return to the unconsciousness and the terrible living conditions of the old days. There were a ton of issues that those long hard working unconscious days caused.

But a bit more of the “earthly Will” of those days will do wonders for modern individuals. Not much, just a tiny bit.

Is this a contradiction to my last post where we discussed about not fighting your emotions?

Not at all.

There’s a balance you need between these approaches.

On one hand, you can’t keep ignoring or resisting what you’re feeling and you need to handle those emotions. On the other hand, you can’t constantly be giving in to them and just stay stuck in an action less state. Will and energy are needed to move forward.

A combination of both approaches is what works best. Not ignoring or resisting but also not being paralyzed by them.

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