NOT being a wallflower

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“I usually go out with friends to party, social gatherings etc, and while I talk with people and interact (not so much but I make and effort to be sociable), I make jokes, etc. But people usually tend to not notice me very much and next time we see each other, they have completely forgotten about me, or my name, like they never knew me. Usually I end up introducing myself to people in 2 (and even 3) different gatherings before they remember who I am.

The opposite happens to my friends, usually they interact the same with people and get remembered easily in next gatherings, people shout their names when they see them again, and all that. I’ve heard this is referred as “being a Wallflower” or something like that.

Why this happens and how can this be solved? Is this an energy problem?”

This is the typical non-magnetic impact.

People are polite with you and you may have a few interesting conversations, but you don’t cause any kind of impact for people to remember you.

Their minds and energy didn’t register you.

In other words, there is little magnetism exchange in your interactions.

You don’t need to shout or to be the group’s clown in order to be magnetic, but it’s important to have a meaningful exchange of energy where your energy is successfully projected to the another person.

The more of your energy you can project, the larger your impact will be.

Of course, this impact can be negative depending on your own personal magnetism, common sense and social empathy. I’m sure we all remember some terrible interactions in parties or social events.

So, overall, this situation can be mostly two problems:

1) It can be related to inner power. If you feel inferior in any way to the people you are communicating with, or feel afraid for some reason or have low self-esteem, then an inner power training would be a possible solution.

2) It can also be related to the projection of energy and having more impact in your interactions. It’s not as much as to what you say, it’s how you say it, which is what we work on Personal Magnetism training.

It can also be both situations. Having a low inner power which is usually coupled with a weak energy projection in interactions.

Either way, fortunately, it’s a problem with solutions.

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