The old books of Magnetism

In one way or another I’ve often receive questions about the old books of magnetism.

Authors like William Walker Atkinson, Shaftesbury, Baron Du Potet, Mesmer and so on.

Fortunately, since they are old, most of them are on the public domain and can be found freely by a Google search.

But, as good as all these books can be it’s quite hard to work directly with them without any background in energy and magnetism.

You’ll find many different approaches, confusing exercises, and a lot of theory. And if you get lost, you can’t exactly email William Walker Atkinson and ask him about a specific exercise or your difficulties.

Fabricio gifted me some of these books on the beginning of my training, but always told me not to place too much importance into them.

At least not until I knew what I was doing with the energy as they can bring a lot more confusion.

I soon understood why.

As I begin reading them I began to question a lot of what I was doing: shouldn’t I have started doing X? Or wouldn’t it better do this exercise instead? Or the author X said something opposite of what I was doing.

It’s not healthy for any training when conflicting approaches get messed up in your mind.

You end up not knowing where to turn.

The age of information which we now live is amazing for many things, but it also generates a lot more confusion and the sense of being lost.

At some point, I ended up just put all those books aside and focus on my training plan and working with that.

Then it was a lot more fruitful!

Only much later did I actually studied those books. But, at that point, I already had a solid foundation to work with. I had experience and I knew exactly what those energies were. So I could make the necessary adaptations on my mind to be able to work and learn from those great authors.

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