Others need to feel you

There’s one thing I’ve written before which is absolutely crucial to understand sexual magnetism, which is:

If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

It seems like it’s an evident saying, and you don’t need to overthink it, but if we dive deeper, we’ll see how it encompasses the true keys to magnetism.

The most important thing is that other people need to feel you.

It’s not about you logically convincing them that you are sexual. It’s not like you will argue with them that you are a sexual person. It’s not about the words themselves. It’s about how you say those words.

You can talk about the geopolitical events that influenced the XIII century and still be sexual, or it can be as dull as watching paint dry.

If others around you can’t feel that you are a sexual person, and won’t become MORE sexual as they are in your presence, then you are not sexually magnetic.

That’s why it’s essential first to become that sexual person yourself to project that feeling to others.

Without you being sexual, you won’t be able to project sexuality. Without you feeling perfectly comfortable with sexual energy – and enjoying it – how will you project it to other people? First, feel it and enjoy it – making sure it runs without blocks inside you -then project it to others.

That’s what we do in our courses. First, we develop the ability to feel and enjoy it with Sexual Energy Mastery. Then we start to project it with the Become a Sexual Man.

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